Release H135 Addon for Nemeth Designs EC135

After what feels like an eternity, the time has finally come. We present the addon extension for the Nemeth Designs EC135. The highlights include:

  • T3/P3 variant
  • Helionix roof
  • IBF (Inlet Barrier Filter)
  • Coarse particles basket
  • Snow Skids
  • Double Hook
  • Mirror for Double Hook
  • Radarnose
  • FLIR/Searchlight

The installer also includes BladesnapSND for the EC135. What is BladesnapSND? It adds the typical crackling when cornering or descending in the cockpit perspective. In addition, we have created the appropriate models for all liveries based on the original model. Furthermore, high-resolution textures and new light maps were created for the overhead panel, new effects for Collision / Nav / Strobe were added and the Aircraft.cfg was adapted to P3D.

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