Roadmap 2019

:Since I have been asked many times what is coming this year, here is a look at the content of the year 2019. This year, two more releases are planned:

  • Release Version 2.2: At the beginning of November, the rescue bases of Christophorus 4 and 15 (LOJC and LOLY) will be available.
  • Release Version 2.3: Shortly before or after the Christmas holidays, the heliports of Alpin 2, Martin 6 and after a long time and hard work the Landeskrankenhaus Villach will be released.

Furthermore, I have planned to finish the EC-135 addon. This will include:

  • Double cargo hook with side mirror
  • New effectss for POS / STROBE / COLLISION
  • BladeSNAP Soundeffect P3D V4.5
  • Approx. 30 Austria liveries/repaints in 2K resolution

I’m also proud to announce that HeliRescue P3D will be represneted in the FS-Magazin.. again .. and also receives the “Tip of the editorship”.

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